Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mommy Group

Look at Lily's eyes....aren't they gorgeous!

Okay....everyone look at the camera and say cheese!

The beautiful Allison!

Lauren and Nick....Nick turned one last week! Yay, Nick!

Alyshia and Greg....Greg is my sister's God son and lets just be honest....We are all pretty much family....right Alyshia?!?! Love them!

Joshua David, Lily, and Zoe Jane....Too cute, right?!?

I love my little mommy group! The women are so great and the babies you can see....precious! And this isn't even all of them....we were missing one other little girl, Elizabeth and her mommy Laura. It is so fun being a mommy.....wouldn't change my life for anything!


momofbugs said...

Do you know how much that last pictures makes me want to have a little baby to take to mommy group....well a lot. Are you having mommy group while I am down?

Note from Ally: Becca is my great Aunt (no just aunt), well she is so sweet because she lets me hold little Zozo. I thought it was a boy and if it was a boy I wanted them to name it Max.
She cracks me up so I thought I would share.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Mommy group makes me want more babies too...but I think I'll just live vicariously through you during this time!! SO glad you have so many mommy friends to share this special season of life with...real blessings, soak it up!

Natalie Catherine said...

this is so adorable!! the babies all lined up! haha. makes you smile. what a fun mommy group!