Monday, February 8, 2010

Girls on the Go!

Zoe and I had a wonderful visit to Berry and Tuscaloosa this week. I love being able to just visit. It seems like every time we come this way....there are already a millions things we need to do in the small amount of time we are there. So it was really nice to visit....and have nothing planned....well not for long at least. Our days were PACKED!

Sunday after we dropped Zach off at his conference outside of B-ham, we visited Candace and Addison and I could just kick myself because I forgot to get a picture. It was so good catching up with them since we only ever see them for a second during Gamedays. Then we headed back to T-town to watch the Superbowl with Shawn, Misty and the girls. Love those girls! Kendall is now saying Zoe and it is beyond adorable!

Monday we had a whole day full of visiting! But, of course, Grandma and Grandaddy had to get some sugar time in before we left.
That face makes me very nervous.....Zach and I were both pretty wild children. And this face just makes her look like she is thinking up something crazy in that head of hers.

Then we were off to lunch at The Bowling's home. What a beautiful home and so inviting! And lunch was amazing....a perfect soup for a cold winter's day! And the company wasn't half bad either :) This was the first time Kimberly and I had "met" even though I feel like I have known her for awhile now. I can't wait to visit again! Not to mention, I got to leave with amazing pie because we talked to much and didn't get to dessert. The pie barely made it five minutes once I got to Tuscaloosa. So So GOOD! After I left Kimberly's home, I was off to T-town to get Katie Beth and Carly off the bus. And I wouldn't be the aunt that I am if I didn't find some way to spoil them while I was there. So after homework was done and bedroom was cleaned.....we were off to TCBY. Yummy!

I love these girls so much! I hate that I can't see them more than I do. They grow so darn fast!

And after ice cream, Zoe Jane and I made our last stop to The Hollyhand's home because I couldn't leave without holding Anna Riley just one more time!
Mommy's little girl needs to get used to this....sadly I can't sit still! Needless to say, Zoe slept really well last night!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

We did have a good visit...just not enough time! :) You certainly made good use of your days in Alabama seeing friends and family...but traveling that much is certain to make anyone feel the drain of exhaustion! Hope you can rest up this weekend!