Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 Months

So what has happened this past month...
  • Zoe is wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers and lots of hairbows.
  • Zoe eats every 3-4 hours.
  • Zoe has said goodbye to her swaddle and said hello to the sleep sac!
  • Zoe loves her hands, especially gnawing on them like crazy. And her thumb and pointing finger are constantly shaped like a play gun.
  • Zoe has great control of her head.
  • Zoe's facial expressions are priceless....we are really seeing her personality.
  • Zoe can sit in the Bumbo.
  • Zoe is doing great with tummy time, but no rolling yet.
  • Zoe loves her floor gym. She looks at herself in the mirror the whole time. She is also grabbing for the hanging toys now.
  • Zoe loves her bath time and lotion massage afterwards.
  • Zoe is very entertained by light still, especially from the television.
  • Zoe is getting closer and closer to setting a sleeping schedule...every night and day are a little bit different. But she typically wakes up between 7-8am, takes a nap an hour later and from then on out....who knows! We try to lay her down around 8pm for bedtime but she typically doesn't fall asleep for good until 10. She still wakes once during the night to feed, but I am trying to ween her from this by 4 months. I am finding that consistency is key and we just need to be patient until about 4 months to get on a schedule.
  • Zoe is laughing and you just can't help but laugh with is so adorable.
  • Zoe loves to smile and she smiles a ton!
  • Zoe likes to be soothed at night by hold my finger.
  • Zoe still loves her pacifier, pacie as we call it.
  • Zoe still has her bright blue eyes and definitely has my coloring.
  • Zoe has discovered her voice and is enjoying using it during the night.
  • Zoe is a cuddle bug.
  • Zoe has a ton of hair and it just keeps on coming.
  • Zoe's lower lip is huge and I love it!
  • Zoe turns her head looking at things all the time. She is very aware.
  • Zoe is such a calm baby.

Things that have helped me survive this month:

  • Finding my happy place....sanity is really important when mothering.
  • You know when everyone says "Sleep when the baby sleeps." Well, I finally listened. Not having a good nights sleep for 3 months has really taken a toll on me. Zoe's morning nap is regular. So most of the time, I lay down when she lays down for this nap. It helps.
  • My husband, once again, has helped me survive. He is such a great Daddy to Zoe Jane and such a great help around the house. If I ask him to do anything to help me out....consider it done!
  • One thing that I am going to work on in this 4th month is getting a schedule for me! I am quite a "schedule" person, if you haven't noticed. I need to keep myself organized, just as much as I need to keep Zoe Jane organized. I am going to designate certain things to certain days, like laundry on Mondays, Grocery on Tuesdays, Mommy Group Wednesdays, and so on


Faith Imagined said...

She is adorable and I love her name!

Hollyhand House said...

She is so cute and growing so fast! We got her valentine card in the mail today...super cute!