Thursday, February 11, 2010

Think Positive!

Lately...sleep has been lacking due to traveling and new environments. So it has been hard for me to stay on the up & up...if you know what I mean. I hate when I am tired....well lets be honest....EXHAUSTED!

When I get this way, I am so irritable. So I am trying to see all the positives in what I see as some not so positives!

Zoe Jane's sleeping has been so irregular....but I love the moments at night where she just stares up at me. I love that when she cries at night it is because she wants to spend more time with me. I love that because I am breastfeeding, I am the only one she needs.

Even though I consider myself a SAHM, I really am not. I go to work from 2-7. I guess I think this way because Zach takes care of her for these hours. But, for these 5 hours....I take care of 15 K-2 graders and seriously.....question myself everyday why???? It is a love, hate relationship. But I do love all their glowing faces. I love that I get interaction with others and don't talk in 3rd person all day. I love helping them with their homework or playing games with them. I love their little saying or phrases! Like, the other day two brothers were racing to see who could finish a puzzle first and one says...."I am beating him up, I am beating him up." And of course he wasn't but that is his phrase for beating him because he was winning the puzzle. Little things like this I love.

Of course, I love my husband! I love all his hard work that he does for Zoe and me. I love his personality and his humor....but I hate that when he is home...the TV is constantly on. Since I go to work too, there are some things that I need help with around the house, like folding the laundry I did earlier or sweep the floor or mop if I haven't already. I just get so irritated that he sits there and does nothing when the whole morning I have been running around before I go to work. But, I need to remember that this is his relaxation time...and no one likes a nagger! Ooppps!

Staying positive is so important! Where there is a negative, make a positive! I am constantly reminding myself of this. Life is just better with the glass half full. Right?

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