Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Week of Firsts!

We have had such a great week!

Zoe Jane had her 1st Christmas. It was such a fun day for us to have our first day as a family.

We are FINALLY in our house and it is all coming together so nicely. We have had so many bumps in the road to get into the house and a couple spilling paint all over the hardwoods (I mean ALL OVER) or our hot water heater not working after we finally got our pipes fixed, in order to make the home livable. But we see the light at the end of the tunnel! This week has been crazy! We have had pipes replaced, a/c unit installed, furnace fixed, hot water heater fixed, direct tv installed, siding replaced, gutters installed..........people have been and out! And it has all been worth it.....our little home is so homey! We have been slowly moving in and spent our first night in the house on Tuesday! It was also Zoe Jane's first night to sleep by her self in her crib. Definitely bitter sweet. She did really well sleeping Tuesday, not so well Wednesday. But she will learn.

Zoe Jane also wore a bow in her hair for the first time! Love it!

We also get to celebrate our first New Year's together tonight. I am so excited to see everything that 2010 has in store for us. 2009 has been quite a year! February I lost my job, March we moved to Georgia and Zach got a job at Hamilton Mill, March we also found out we were pregnant, June we started looking for a house, September we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, November brought our little Zoe Jane and we bought our house....WOW....what a year. Hopefully, 2010 will be a little bit more low key!

I feel so unbelievably blessed! To ring in the New Year, I, of course, have made a resolution for myself. This year....drum roll resolution is to run 800 miles by the end of the year. Today, I signed up for The Country Music Half Marathon and training begins tomorrow....or maybe Monday :) Can't wait.....Nashville here I come!

Pictures are coming when I get my computer!


Hollyhand House said...

Congrats on moving in your house!! I know yall are so happy! I cant wait to see it.

The Cannons said...

God has been so good to us all! Happy New Year!:)