Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zoe Jane is BAPTIZED...Praise God!

Saturday was a beautiful and blessed day for our little family. Surrounded by our loved ones, we baptized Zoe Jane into the Catholic Church. What a gift the Lord has given us to be washed from our original His death, we are saved.....Praise God! Zoe's Godparents are her Uncle Shawn and my dear friend Jenny. Zach and I are so blessed to have these amazing Christians in our lives and we couldn't be happier that they will be helping us raise our little Zoe to love the Lord by their example, wisdom and love. Zoe Jane is so lucky! One thing that was truly amazing to me on Saturday, and that I am so grateful for, is that for one day, a wide range of faiths, Catholic, Baptist, Church of God, Lutheran, Non Denominational, could all come together and glorify God for the gift of Zoe Jane. You really see the face of God when all Christians can put their differences aside and worship together! I mean.....we do all love the same God! Such a blessing!

(Side Note: Doesn't my husband clean up so nicely.....I just can't believe how lucky I am!)

Zoe's baptism was very special to us because her Papa was the one who baptized her. And to make things even better, my Dad asked Rickey, Zoe's other granddaddy, to come up to the altar so they both could baptize special! This day is one I will always remember. Thank you everyone that celebrated with us! We love you all! And, of course, The Dessert Box made the most delicious cake for the reception!


Katie said...

congrats to Zoe! I have the privlage of being a God Mother and I absolutely love it! I was s honored to be Kate's and help foster her journey with Christ! I know Zoe is going to love her God parents!

Jennie said...

God's blessings on sweet Zoe! I love baptisms - I'm a Godmother AND a Mother, and all my kids are a blessing.