Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 Month

Zoe Jane is 1 month (4 weeks) old today! Wow! My life completely changed 1 month ago and I would never want it any other way. I love this little girl so much! So much has changed in 1 month, especially Zoe Jane. Here are some things going on in the life of Zoe:
  • Zoe wears newborn clothing and is in between newborn and size 1 diapers.
  • Zoe eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and sleeps a lot during the day. She is usually wide awake between 9-11 pm and has many fussy moments in between these hours....but it is so cute still....I doubt that will last long.
  • Zoe loves to be held....probably because for the first 3 weeks of her life she was never put down....we are trying to break this but it is hard.
  • Zoe has the hiccups often and spits up some and GRUNTS A LOT! We have a little piggy.
  • Zoe has not lost much hair, if any.
  • Zoe has big blue eyes....I hope they don't change!
  • Zoe doesn't seem to like her car seat at times....especially at night.
  • Zoe doesn't really like the dark....lights are on most of the night....we rock her to sleep every night and make sure she is good and sleeping before we turn them off.
  • Zoe sleeps 4-5 hours straight every night and Mommy thanks her for this!
  • Zoe is swaddled every night!

  • Zoe loves her will find them near her face most of the day.
  • Zoe coos, makes little giggle sounds and smiles randomly. I can't wait for her to laugh and smile on purpose.
  • Zoe is lifting her head really well.
  • Zoe looks like her Daddy, in my opinion.
  • Zoe really likes lights.
  • Zoe is perfect in every way and I love her so much!

Zoe Jane's 1st conversation with her PopPop!

Things that helped me survive this past month:

  • Dwell Studio receiving to swaddle with....they are huge!
  • Breast Pads.....for obvious reasons.
  • The Boppy Bouncer....otherwise I would never be able to take a shower!
  • I am so happy I have a breast pump. Even though I love breastfeeding, I enjoy that I can have a break if I need it. And Zoe never had nipple confusion with her bottle. I use Playtex VentAire and have really liked them.
  • My husband! I give so much credit to single do you do it? Zach has been an unbelievable help with everything....even though he has been pooped on many times.....he still hangs in there!
  • A Pacifier....Zoe doesn't keep it in her mouth long, but those couple minutes of sucking really soothes her.
  • A Washing Machine! Between spit up, throw up, poop, and pee.....this machine is being worked overtime.
  • Happiest Baby on the Block is a LIFE SAVER! The 5 S's are no joke.....shushing Zoe Jane with a pacifier is magical! And swaddling is the best thing ever!
  • And for all new moms.....make friends with women who have children around the same age as yours....having support from women going through the same things is great and playdates are so much fun!


Katie said...

I cannot believe she is 1 month old already! She is so precious! Hope you all have an amazing 1st Christmas with her!!!

Crystal said...

I cant believe it has been a month! Time sure does fly!! I agree she favors Zach. She is so precious!!