Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Updates on the 101

I must say.....I am checking things off left and right! Here are my updates on my 101 in 1001:

#12. Send Christmas Cards.......did it last week!

#14. Buy a House......check as of November 30th. And for an update on that! Well, nothing seems to be easy in this whole house buying process....and I am sure you are sick of hearing about it....or I have completely convinced someone out there never to buy a house! But, we have hit another bump in our road to moving into our home. After closing on the 30th, we discovered that our newly bought home's A/C unit and all copper piping had been stolen.....SERIOUSLY....I couldn't make this up if I tried. After everything we had gone through to get to closing and then we finally got there and THIS....I just laughed....I couldn't cry! Luckily in our contract there is a clause that stated the home has to be in the same condition as when we signed our contract, which means that the seller's have to replace the unit and piping....GREAT! We are on their time though and you can't really live in a home without water. So move in date.....God only knows. Until then....we are getting a ton done in the house! Pictures will be posted when everything is complete!

#17. Join a Church (not just attend)......I am so excited to have FINALLY joined St. John Neumann Catholic Church.

#29. Lose 40 pounds after November 2009......I am pumped! 30 pounds have fallen off due to no exercise and lots of cookie eating! I have a feeling the last 10, but really I would like it to be 15-20, will be a little bit tougher! Luckily, I have a race I am going to be training for coming up in April!

#80. Find a MOPS group or other Mom's group to get involved with......Love my little Mommy's group that has gotten started. Mary and Katie are two girls I went to high school with and we reconnected because of our little ones! Mary has invited her neighbor, Laura and her 5 month old Elizabeth....she is absolutely hilarious! Katie has invited one of her friends too Lauren and her son Nick who is 10 month old...so cute!!!! We are going to start meeting every Wednesday and rotate houses! Can't wait~ They are all so much fun!

#84. Send out Birth Announcements before December 20th....Sent on the 11th...Check!

I do believe I have done pretty darn good!