Tuesday, December 1, 2009

They Finally Meet!

I am having blogging withdrawals! So here I go.....
What a crazy week it has been. Kaitlin arrived home Tuesday, Chrysti, Joe and the girls on Wednesday, celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday....ate way too much, Rickey, Zelda, Shawn, Misty and the girls arrived on Friday.......We had 19 people sleeping under my Mom and Dad's roof!!!! Beautiful Chaos...to say the least. I absolutely love nothing more though. Our two families get along so well and it is such a blessing. Mine and Zach's nieces just love each other and had a ball playing all weekend. Julie refers to Carly and Katie Beth as her cousins....her God Cousins....since they aren't blood related. So sweet!

At the hospital, there are rules that anyone under the age of 12 can't come into the rooms for obvious reasons.....but because of the Swine Flu, no one under the age of 18 could even come into the actual hospital. So none of my nieces got to see Zoe Jane the day she was born....not even in the nursery. So Wednesday was an exciting day for all of them!
And on Friday, Zoe Jane finally got to meet her Granddaddy. Because of Rickey's work schedule, he couldn't make it up for her birth. So this meeting was long overdue!
Later that day, Zoe Jane met her Aunt Misty, Uncle Shawn, Katie Beth and Carly.

This little girl is SO LOVED!

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