Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Evan's 2nd Birthday Party!

My sweet Baby Boy is 2 years old!  It is so hard to believe how time flies...and yes...every parent will say this and it is 100% true.  Once you have kids, days can seem so slow but the years just fly by!

To celebrate Mr. Evan, we had a Backyard BBQ!  Very casual but full of yummy food, cute summery decorations and an adorable cake!

Zelda always takes my thoughts and makes them into the perfect cake!  She totally hit the nail on the head for what I wanted for Evan's cake!  And, like always, it was DELICIOUS!  For dinner, we served hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, chips, asian salad, corn on the cob and homemade mac n cheese...in true summer grillin' fashion!

 Zach was the grill master and is loving his new grill!  Our deck is official now with our Weber!

I just love birthdays because they are such an amazing reminder of how blessed we are by our friends and family!  We truly are surrounded by so much love and I can't help but be so grateful for each and every person in our lives and for them taking the time to share these precious moments with us!

 Grandma and Grandaddy got Evan a water table that was a total hit!
 The little boys wanted to help grill, too!

 Happy Birthday to you!

 Like I said...the cake was enjoyed by all!

 Man does this kid love anything with wheels!

So many thanks to everyone who celebrated Evan's birthday with us!  It was such a fun evening!

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