Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th of July Weekend!

Friday afternoon, we loaded up to the kiddos and headed to Lake Oconee for some R&R (ya right)!  We love going out to the lake to visit The Stryszko's  and have fun swimming and riding on the boat.  This trip Zach skied for the first time and Zoe and Zach tubed!  Poor Evan had to be a sightseer due to his cast but he was such a good sport and still had fun.

Zoe loves when she gets to be captain and drive.  You'll never believe her favorite part....honking the horn!  Always puts a huge smile on her face!
 Boat Kitty!

 We took a ride to The Rock....a great place to jump into the lake!  The 3 big kids decided to have some fun!

I grew up on the lake and it is one of my absolute favorite past time.  Some of my greatest memories involve skis and tubes and the boat.  I love that my kids will get to have these same memories!

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