Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gymnastic Camp

We were so lucky to get to send Zoe to two different camps this summer.  Our county organizes different themed camps the entire summer long!  They can start attending at age 3 so we were so excited for Zoe to get to attend.  Her first camp was Bug Bonanza Camp and it was all about crafts, painting, coloring, exploring and learning about different insects.  She loved it!  

Zoe's second camp was Gymnastics Camp.  I am so glad there are week long camps like this to see if it is an activity Zoe would be interested in doing on more of a regular basis.  Sadly, gymnastics is not one of the extracurricular activities Zoe will be doing.  This girl does not like to sweat...haha.  But it was great for a week!  And Zoe got to go to camp with Bailey and Ella which is always special.

At the end of the week, the parents got to come and see all the fun activities the kids had been doing all week!

 And doesn't love a popsicle for being a great little gymnast!

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