Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not My Kind of Milestone

Well, my sweet boy has reached a new milestone....not one that I really looked forward to!

Evan broke his first bone....well....his first two bones!  And he got his first cast.

Evan fell from his brand new booster seat the first week of July and cleanly broke his radius and ulna in his left arm. My poor baby!  But I must say...the kid is a champ!  He did not cry through one X-Ray or while getting his cast put on.  

We had his first cast for a week and went back for a check and the doctor felt he needed another cast because it had significantly loosened.  Evan got his second cast put on, tear free, and had that cast for 2 weeks.  At the next check, the doctor still wanted something on his arm as the last little bits healed perfectly, so we were able to get a half cast and it is waterproof!  Huge difference!  So, we are finally in the home stretch and get his half cast off on the 8th...just in time for Evan to turn 2!  

Let's just hope this is our only milestone of this sort!

Isn't Evan so cute in his cast rockstar!

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