Monday, December 31, 2012

Feast of Saint Nicholas and a New Tradition!

The month of December is Full of Amazing Celebration in the Catholic Church and I am so excited to create some family traditions to help us observe these special days!  December 6th was the Feast of Saint Nicholas!  This was the first year we put out the kids shoes and Zoe had so much fun with this!  I am excited to continue this tradition, one we always did growing up in my family!

To help us celebrate this feast its most simplest form....we watched the VeggieTales on Saint was so cute and Zoe loved it!

 Growing up with a very strong tradition of putting the tree up on Christmas Eve is not something necessarily wanted to continue with my family...but I want some sort of Family Tradition to surround us putting up the tree because my memories of Christmas Eve's are so strong and I loved the tradition so much!  So Zach and I decided as part of our celebration of the Feast of St. Nick...we would put our Tree up every year on December 5th and then have fun with putting our shoes out that night and explain to kids some of the traditions of the Church around Santa and Trees and all the fun things this time of year.
 But we definitely had a lot of fun putting up our tree this year.  Zoe was such a big helper and loved decorating the tree with ornaments.  She made sure to comment on each ornament saying how cute it was or how much she loved it.

Sadly our tree had no chance with Evan!  Moments after an ornament went came down!  So the bottom of our tree was quite bear this year.

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Elizabeth said...

I love this idea! We always did ours the day after Thanksgiving but that has no religious significance... And wait until Christmas Eve is too hard. St. NICKS day is a great compromise. Love!!!