Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve began with a yummy breakfast and then it was time to decorate!
 Evan's 2012 Ornament....the kid loves airplanes!  He can even say airplane now!
 Ponchito was able to come celebrate Christmas this year!!!  She hasn't been to GA since Evan's birth it was long overdue and good to spend time with her!

 4 generations...poor Evan is so outnumbered!  Maybe the newest addition to the family will be JOSH!
 Love this picture of Evan and Grammy!
 Let the decorating begin...which means the destruction in Evan's world!

 Our sweet Oliver's hanging this one every year!
 After some relaxing and games, it was time to get ready for Christmas absolute favorite Mass of the year.  This year we went with our entire family, which is so special, to IHM!  The Mass was so beautiful  The choir did amazing singing all the traditional hymns and the sung responses even had a Christmas twist.  It was a truly blessed Mass!

After Mass, we all had dinner together and then it was home to get Santa's snacks ready and off to bed we went!

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