Monday, December 31, 2012

Polar Express Day!

Polar Express Day was my favorite!  I was so excited we could share the day with our cousins and with The Williams' Fam!  Jenny and the boys came over to take part in all the Christmas Cheer!
The kids got started with decorating our train!  The three toddlers got to sit in the train during the movie!

 Then it was on to a yummy treat to add to our Hot Chocolate!  All the kids got to decorate their own monster marshmallow!

 Aren't they so cute!?!  And they were so good in the Hot Cocoa!
 Chrysti made some really good chocolate cupcakes for everyone with a marshmallow glaze.  The glaze was a little bit runny so were decided to stuff the cupcakes and they were delicious!

 We watched part of the movie before having any treats!  After the hot chocolate scene in the movie...all the kids headed upstairs for their hot chocolate and goodies!

 Then it was back down to the basement to finish Polar Express!  After the movie...we decorated cookies!

Kids make the holidays such a blast!  They just loved all the crafts and treats...which makes all the mess so worth it!  And making cookies is a lot of mess haha!

So many fun activities....Can't wait to do it again next year!

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE this too!!! Such a great idea :)