Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letters to Oliver

My Sweet Angel,

Sunday, we celebrated your sweet life as a family!  Has it really already been 2 years!?!  We started the day with Mass and I immediately felt your presences within are so alive in this heart of mine.  Amazing Grace...what better way to remember you.  How sweet the sound...just hearing that song sung brings me to tears.  Just the thought of you reminds me that my heart is not whole.

I miss you!  I love you!  I long for you!

Sunday, I pushed aside my tears and longings and we celebrated your tiny, precious life!  And your brother and sister were thrilled because we did it with cupcakes.  I love celebrating you!  I love that I can celebrate your life and be reminded each year of how you blessed me more than I could imagine..more than I could have dreamed.

My precious Angel, know you are so missed!  Know that God worked wonders through you and continues to in our lives.  Know that you are perfect in my eyes and you were always!  

Until that day, my sweet boy....know that Mommy loves you!

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