Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doctor, Pharamacy, Specialist...

What a crazy couple of weeks we have had!

Zach and I have been busy, busy with work.  The golf course has slowed down some, so Zach is able to do a little bit more work with Phillips Lawn and Landscaping!  This has made both of us very happy and we have very high hopes for Zach's business!  He has added 2 more clients in the last couples week and we are hoping to continue growth...prayers are welcome :)

I have been having a blast partying once or twice a week!  I have absolutely loved meeting new people and showing them some amazing products.  I attended our National Conference in Orlando a couple weeks ago and feel in love with my job even more...I really think this opportunity is an answer to so many prayers! I love that I have a team of my own now, too!  My team mates are Kimberly, my sil, and Jennifer, from Zach's hometown!  I love that I get to share this amazing opportunity with them and hopefully many more and I hope it helps and changes their lives how it has mine!  AND I did my first giveaway! I love giving!

I am also so grateful that I am home because our kiddos have been needing their Mama a lot these last couple weeks.

We had Evan's 12 month check up where the doctor wanted us to see a specialist for Evan's right gait.  WE had Aimee, Evan's physical therapist come out and she encouraged us to see a specialist as well.  She was quite confident that is was nothing to be too concerned about...but to be on the safe side she thought it would be a good idea.  So Tuesday, we have our first appointment with the Children's Orthopedics!  Aimee did give us some great exercises to do with Evan to help strengthen his right hip and tibia and we have been doing those as often as we can.

Even though Evan has a very wide stance, he is progressing amazingly!  Evan cruises around like crazy and is pretty quick.  He has also gained more balance and can stand for a few seconds on his own.  AND this past week, he has even taken a few steps between Mommy and Daddy!  All this movement has kept us on our toes but makes me so happy!

For the last couple weeks, Evan has been pretty whiny in the middle of the night...nothing a pacie can't solve...but it is very out of the norm for him.  We pushed it off to teething, but when we got back from the beach...Grandma he was really irritated by his right ear.  Tuesday, I took Evan in to see what was up, hoping he didn't have an ear infection.  Dr. Evans had a really hard time seeing into his ear drum and believed there was something in his ear...her thought was a crayon!  Oh Goody!  So off to the ENT we went on Wednesday.  Conclusion...lots of ear wax!  Thank God it wasn't a crayon...even though he probably could have made a crayon with the amount of wax build up in his ear!

Now on to Zoe!  Zoe started school on Tuesday and...yes....she is already sick!  We had to opt out of school on Thursday due to a 101 temp and she was just pathetic!  With a little pain relief and movie day...she seemed to be doing a little bit better.  Friday, she was up like normal, being her silly self but as the day continued she just got worse and worse.  I hate seeing my babies sick!  You just know their little bodies are hurting so much.  Her fever spiked again in the middle of the night and this morning she was complaining about her ear hurting.  Ear drops in today, more pain relief and more movies!  Prayers welcome here too!

So this week has been so out of the norm for me...sick kids, doctors, specialist...I avoid these situations as often as possible!  Hopefully, we are getting all our ouchies out at the same time and we will have a wonderful healthy fall and winter!

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