Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do they ever stop?!?!

These kiddos are growing like weeds and never stop going..going..going!
Once Evan finally realized how to crawl...he has never looked back.  His is so quick now and he is also cruising all over the place.  He pulls up on anything...couches, beds, walls, legs...anything he can get his hands on.  He is standing on his own for a couple seconds and even taking 4-5 steps by himself!
The doctor said that Evan's right foot, the one we were worried about, was the normal foot and that his left foot had some in-toeing due to the position of Evan in my womb.  The doctor was not in the least bit concerned and said he would grow out of it.  And honestly, I see the issue less and less everyday.  Evan is also climbing up stairs rather quickly.  We don't have stairs at our home, so he just did it one day and it totally scared me to death when he was 6 stairs up before I realized!
Evan is into everything!  He is so curious and literally never stops.  He loves getting into cabinets, pulling everything off tables, pulling everything out of boxes or toy bins.  He puts anything and everything in his mouth.  We call him the dog we never had.
And he absolutely loves to pester his true younger brother fashion!  The hair pulling...oh the hair pulling!
And Evan is talking up a storm!  I can't believe how much he changes and grows daily.  He says "Thank You", "Uh-Oh", "Momma", "Dada", "Peek A Boo"....and just babbles and babbles!  I love his little manly voice...he has a very deep tone.
Zoe Jane is growing just as much.  Since school started, her vocabulary is just exploding.  She now describes things much better and is really speaking more in sentences.  She is absolutely loving school and she always tells me how much she loves her teacher, Ms. Rachel.
Zoe is a little mommy...always bossing Evan and anyone who will take direction around.  You will hear her often scream, "Evan..No..No!...Evan! Be careful!"  She is such a mess.
Zoe is all about Doc McStuffins lately and everything needs a check up, singing and heart listening included.  I am constantly singing when Zoe is around.  She loves music and loves to sing.  I played the Disney Station on Pandora one day to have a little music to help us have fun!  She danced and sang the entire time!  And every time a new song came on she freaked out with joy telling me which princess she saw and what movie the song was from.  Crazy girl!
 My days are full and perfect with these two!  Life is SO good!

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