Monday, September 10, 2012

1st Day!

 Zoe is attending Prince of Peace PreSchool and we are all so excited! She had a great first day and came home telling me bits and pieces but she definitely was exhausted.  She said she called for me and cried...but was beaming when she came out at pick up so we are going to call the first day a success. 2 never happened.  Baby girl came down with something and spiked a 102 temperature Thursday morning.  She was just pathetic.  So her first sick day ended up being her second day of school.  I hope this doesn't become a habit.
Zoe will have her second day of school tomorrow!  And she was so excited when we talked about school all today!

And this big guy loved having Mommy all to himself!


Chrysti said...

She looks so big! I hope her second week goes much better!

Mary said...

aw her little smile is too cute...glad she had a good first day, just gets better (and easier for mommy ha from there)...our babies need to slow down already!