Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spiritual Risk

~From 365 Mary: A Daily Guide to Mary's Wisdom and Comfort

Some people are natural-born risk-takers.  They dive cliffs, free-fall, bungee jump, helicopter ski, hang glide---anything for an adrenaline rush.  Others are more cautious, barely sticking their toes in the waters of life.  Although cautious types tend to live longer, they also tend to lead more boring lives.

Fortunately, all of us, whether we're naturally risky or naturally cautious, can lead exciting spiritual lives, because spirituality always entails risk---the risk of seeing yourself for what you really are, the risk of having to make changes, the risk of altering your life.

Mary encourages us to take spiritual risks, because she above all other men and women knows that we need to risk in order to become whole.  She tells us to "take courage," because she knows that without the willingness to risk, we can't change; and unless we change, the world can't change.

So how does one risk spiritually?

Spiritual risk begins with the willingness to become more open, more vulnerable.  It means letting others peek over the walls of self protection that we've built around our egos.  It means allowing others to see our weakness as well as our strengths.  It means being willing to be hurt.  It means becoming open enough to let others share our sorrows, becoming free enough to experience deep intimacy, becoming trusting enough to let God absorb our pain.

Are you willing to take the risk?

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Thank you so much for sharing this!