Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Day at the Zoo

Tuesdays are Kaitlin's days we loaded up, packed a yummy picnic and headed to the Zoo.  It was an absolutely perfect day here in Atlanta!

All the animals were out enjoying the perfect weather, too!

There is just something about Gorillas!  I love them!  I just love this shot of the Mommy carrying around her infant.

The tigers were very entertaining!  There was a Mama and two babies, about 8 months old.  The baby tigers kept picking on one another and putting on a show for everyone to see.
 We stuck around for the Tigers feeding was kind of scary.  As the trainers walked up, the tigers just started to slowly walk toward the gate...and then they paced and paced until they were fed.  Did I say it was scary...very scary!

After eating lunch, we headed to the Petting Zoo.  Zoe literally had to pet each and every goat!

And our favorite!  I thought Evan had long eyelashes!
 Someone must have needed a potty break!
 And last but not least...Lion Zoe calls him!

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