Monday, April 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

~A Daisy A Day~

There have been some really exciting things going on at the flower shop!  Friday, all the staff got trained on effective selling techniques and proper phone etiquette.  It was quite informative...Tim, who led the training, was hilarious and so knowledgeable about what works and doesn't...we even made a practice call to another shop to see if they were effective...he hit the nail on the head, word for word on what the employee would say!  I can't wait to get in the shop more and put what I learned to action!

The shop also had its Open House this past Sunday and Today!  Everyone has been working so hard getting the shop ready for its big reveal!  And it has totally paid off!  Let me just is like a breath of fresh air walking in to our cute little cottage!  If is calming, comforting, absolutely beautiful and cozy.  And the Bridal is elegant and glamorous...exactly what I Bride would want to see when interviewing a Florist!

Here's just a little Before and After...

~Water Fun~

Saturday Afternoon, Kimberly, Cory and the boys headed over some chillin' and grillin'....and some water fun!  The kids play together so great and it was the perfect day to be outside!  I can't wait until it gets a little bit warmer and the pools open!  It will be really nice not being pregnant for a summer!

~Tupperware Partying~

I had my first party last Thursday and it was so much fun!  We had a small turn out which was actually good for my first rodeo!  Even though it was was still a great success!  Two guests booked parties with me in May!  My calendar is filling up quick!  The last week of April, I have 3 parties!  I just love a party and I have been having so much fun planning each one's invitations and games!  For all you folks in Berry, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa...I am headed your way in June...LET'S PARTY! 

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