Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8 Months Old

Now that I am done crying...I will post all about my 8 Month Old!!!! Where has my itty, bitty baby boy gone...
  • Evan wears size 9 month clothes, size 1 shoes and size 3 diapers.  
  • Evan breastfeeds 3 times a day, at Wake Up, around Noon and right before Bedtime.  When he has a bottle, it is usually 8oz.  He also has 2-3 meals a day around 9am, 2-3pm and later on if we squeeze it in.
  • Evan weighs about 18lbs...I am guessing.
  • Evan loves to have his diaper changed and still giggles every time he gets wiped.
  • Evan still doesn't poop everyday, so we add some Karo or prune juice to his food or water.  The whole situation has gotten much better though with time.
  • Evan is such a cuddlier.  If he gets really excited, he nuzzles right into you!  If he is sleepy, he will lay right on your chest and just fall right is so sweet!
  • Evan is a great sleeper.  He sleeps through the night, from 7pm-6am, with only 1 or 2 pacie runs and some nights none.  Zach says it is time to Cry It Out...teething makes this a little bit harder for Mommy.
  • Evan takes 3 naps a day.  One morning nap around 8am which is about an hour long, an afternoon nap at the same time as Zoe around Noon or 1 and then a final nap around 5pm (sometimes this gets skipped).  
  • Evan is so 'go with the flow' and happy!  Such a chill kid!
  • Evan has brown hair that is filling in...I can't wait to see if he if we have a short, tidy cut for him or a long, wild cut....I am going for long (but not unkept long!)...we will see as it grows.  After bath time, we can now comb his hair to the side and it just makes me want to squeeze him so tight...he looks so cute!

  • Evan has such a beautiful smile and he smiles!  Oh the cheeks!
  • Evan is a talker!  He says the 'da-da' sound perfectly and talks the most in the mornings.  Sometimes, he gets this really serious face and starts to babble like crazy and then when he realizes you are watching...he just stops and smiles so big like he was trying to get your attention and he finally succeeded.
  • Evan has crazy long eyelashes to match his crazy eyebrows!
  • Evan has been extremely snotty...he definitely has allergies!
  • Evan loves watching Zoe dance and jump. They play together so great and now that Evan is sitting up, Zoe pays attention to him more.
  • Evan sits up great!  He doesn't fall really (unless pushed!) and he loves to grab everything in sight...including coffee and items that should not be in his mouth!
  • Evan is teething...but still no teeth!
  • Evan sleeps on his tummy or his side.  He loves the glow worm when falling asleep, has to have the sound machine, and cuddles to a blanket.  He never stays in one spot in his crib...he rolls and rolls every which way.
  • Evan rarely spits up anymore.  Some days are better than others.  If he hasn't pooped much, he spits up more.
  • Evan is doing much better with Tummy Time, but showing no signs or interest in crawling (fine by me!!)
  • Evan has mastered his pacie!  It is his favorite toy!
  • Evan rode sitting up in the shopping cart this month!
  • Evan is an eating machine!  Anything that touched his tongue this past month...he loved and he chews great!  Evan ate carrots, sweet potatoes, all different kinds of oatmeal, yogurt, acorn squash, potatoes, cauliflower, apples sauces, mandarine oranges, bananas, dinner rolls, pretzels, yogurt melts, puffs... and more puffs, pears, peaches, pear bread, waffles and pancakes...and God only knows what Zoe has fed him!  But he loved it all!
  • Evan doesn't cry unless he wants his pacie, has pooped or I am not shoveling food in his mouth fast enough.
  • Evan has gorgeous eyes that on most days are blue, but have flecks of green and hazel.
  • Evan loves bath time and Zoe just pours water all over him and he loves it!  He doesn't like getting out too much though.
  • Evan is pulling up when on the floor gym or in his high chair.
  • Evan loves to be outside and go for walks and swing.
  • Evan can stand up and just hold onto your fingers.  He also loves to be bounced and sung to.
Evan is really such a joy.  He is such an easy baby...and every day with him is so enjoyable!

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momofbugs said...

We are all in shock here over how much he has changed this month. Can't wait to see him next month.