Friday, January 7, 2011

Ringing in the New Year!

Who better to ring in a brand New Year....than with some of your absolute favorite people!
Downtown Lawrenceville puts on a big Kid's Festival every year on New Year's Eve. I can't wait for years to come to enjoy this! It was a blast! They had face painting, bouncey toys, a puppet show, a magic show, tour of Santa's Workshop and more.

At around 6pm, they had fireworks....but Zoe had had enough by this point. Later, for adults, they had a Beatles Cover Band and more fireworks....I would love to be able to enjoy that one year....we will see :)


Jennifer said...

Your town square looks so much fun. That's what I miss about living in a small town. Maybe some day...

Anonymous said...

We were there, too! We didn't get there until close to 5. Nick wasn't a fan of the fireworks! :( Did you visit my Mom at her shop? Sorry we missed each other!