Monday, January 10, 2011

Let the Preggo Posts Begin!

As you all know.....Baby #3 is well on its way.

This time around we told our family in our Christmas Card. I took a pregnancy be was probably the 10th test (pregnancy test companies must be billionaires!)...on Monday the 13th and right afterwards, we licked and mailed the cards. I just knew we were pregnant, so I thought it would be a cute way of telling everyone. From reaction...and this being the 3rd time around, I don't feel like anyone was really surprised....just really happy for us. And some didn't see the note at all, so we had to do some follow ups :) But, it ended up being really fun getting everyone's phone calls...making sure they had read the card right and the big congrats.

I have switched doctors for this pregnancy, for two reasons. One....after delivery with Oliver...I had a really bad taste in my mouth from the way my doctor handled things. I didn't feel like there was much compassion and in those types of times, all you want is compassion. So, I decided to move on. Two...I am now covered by insurance at my I had to switch practices anyway. This time around, too, I want to deliver with a midwife. My new insurance is with Kaiser Permanente. Mixed feelings about this...but the coverage is much better. I am not used to big practices with lots of doctors and midwives, but we will make it work.

While in Berry celebrating Christmas with Zach's Family, I started to spot some. I wasn't too alarmed by it, but my instincts kicked in and I felt it would be best for me to set up my first appointment to check on the spotting and to confirm the pregnancy. That Monday, I went in and I was indeed pregnant, but when Pam, the midwife, took a look at the ultrasound, she sensed something was not normal. I can't even really put into words the emotions that went through my head...I was devastated! She let me know that she had scheduled an appointment for the radiologist an hour later and that she wanted a more in depth ultrasound done.

I called Zach immediately and he met me for the appointment. I have come to not love these types of ultrasounds so much....this one was no different. A lot of silence...poking and probing. We met back with Pam afterwards and she let me know that there was blood outside of the sac surrounding the baby and that I was measuring a week smaller than I should based on my last period. They believe I hemorrhaged and their main concern was that the blood was hindering the baby's growth. I got my blood drawn before we left to have my HCG levels tested and I had to go back two days later to get my blood drawn again. On Christmas Eve, I was able to call and get the results from the blood work....everything was perfect! My levels were increasing just as they should! Music to my ears! We scheduled an appointment for two weeks later to recheck everything.

I started to spot I rescheduled my appointment immediately for Monday, the 3rd. The ultrasound showed growth! I measured 7w4d on Monday and we saw a teeny tiny flicker for a heartbeat! The doctor we met with let us know that this was exactly what we wanted to see to reassure us that things were going okay. More music to my ears! I asked him more about my due date and he said that they would be keeping it for August 14th, based on the first day of my last period....even though conception didn't line up perfectly with that date. The difference is 6 days and he said that wasn't really a big deal.

o things are looking good and I am so excited! I ask all of you to please keep us in your prayers though! I am going to schedule my next appointment for between 10 and 12 weeks. And I get another ultrasound!


Christine said...

Praise the Lord everything is normal! He is so gracious. I have been and will continue to be praying for yall- and am very excited for your growing family.

Anonymous said...

Now I have to go back and read your Christmas card!!! I read it but totally missed it I guess! Soooo happy for you guys- are you going to stay with Pam or see Diane?

chelsea said...

Great post! Keep blogging.

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