Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Great Check Up!

What a wonderful Check Up we had today....Praise the Lord! I was so full of emotions going into the appointment that the minute we saw the baby, I started to cry. Tears of Joy...the best kind!

And Kelly, the midwife I saw this week, was AMAZING! I love her! There is something very different about seeing a woman who has children of her own, birthed them, raised them, and now has the desire to help other woman do the same. She was so full of positive energy and had the most beautiful smile....she took a million pictures because every time she got a good angle, she said couldn't help herself. She sat down with us for a while and wanted to know all about Oliver, with a kind and loving heart. And just kept saying how beautiful and perfect our Baby #3 looked!


Here is our little one in all its perfection! You can see the profile really well here and its little right arm. To the left, you can faintly see it leg. And then the big blob by its hand is the umbilical cord. We know this because it was pulsing :) Hearing the heart beat was just music to my ears....tears just rolled. It was a strong 185!

Towards the end of the scan, Baby #3 just started movin and groovin....AMAZNG doesn't even accurately describe....Perfection! You could see every limb move and all the fingers and toes. The baby's profile was so strong at some points, you could see its little eyes closed and know it is going to have some lips!

I am in awe and madly in love!

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Chrysti said...

Very cool! Such great pics. 185! WOW! If what they say about heartbeats is true then we can make some pretty good guesses as to the sex of this baby. Makes me so excited for August!