Monday, October 4, 2010

One Month until the BIG DAY!

The BIG 1st BIRTHDAY Party day that is........

I am getting so excited to celebrate my little baby girl's big day. I can't believe it has almost been one year since Zoe Jane graced us with her presence!

I have been working hard bringing all my ideas to life for this birthday party...some are going to work and sadly some aren't....luckily she is going to have lots more birthdays! I just love being creative, having a plan and watching it come together.

We are not having a character theme, but more a color theme. My mom bought some beautiful mulit-colored houndstooth paper a while I made all the invitations and will be making her birthday sign from the paper. I am also going to be making the table decor from the paper and the pictures I have taken of her every month. My sil's mom tought me how to make the tissue pom poms and I can't wait to make those....just have to find the right colors of tissue. My mil and sil are going to be making Zoe's cake in a houndstooth and polka dot theme. It is going to be soooo cute!

But I think what I look forward to most in my baby girl turning 1 are her pictures!!!! I am OBSESSED with pictures! I have some ideas for her pictures, but wanted to get some ideas from you all.....

What did you do for your children's 1 year old photos????
I have been googling different ideas. Love the ideas for having a smash cake for the shoot. I had never seen this before, but having a ton of balloons in the shoot I thought would be really cute. And then another I read about was doing the shoot with bubbles...I guess to really bring out the joy of the child. Zoe would flip!
I think the hardest part of pictures is picking out the outfits! Having a really hard time with this! But it will all come together and I just can't wait!
November 6th will be here before we know it!


Jennifer said...

Please post pictures of the party. I love to see pictures of kid's birthday parties. And I vote for the balloon pictures for the first year. My cousin did this with all 4 of her kids and has them hung in her stair well. They are the cutest thing!

Jennie said...

A couple of suggestions for Zoe's 1st bday photo shoot:

*if you're going to have a special outfit for the party, take it to photo shoot

*if you are going to do the cake pictures: take a cheap white sheet with you (the photogs don't want cake all over their floor) AND make them the last pictures 'cause she'll be messy AND takes a towel and baby soap and just give her a quickie scrub in the bathroom (frosting is GREASY and impossible to just wipe off)

You can see a few of Maggie's here: