Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Growing in Faith!

I can just feel the Holy Spirit all around me and it is just lighting a fire in me to glorify God with my life!

Zach started RCIA this month. RCIA are the classes one takes to enter into the Catholic Church. Zach and I, being Zach's sponsor, will be attending classes until Easter. It is going to be an awesome journey that we get to do together and it just brings me so much joy seeing Zach in this light. The first day at class was a meet and greet. Everyone introduced themselves and told their story of why they are in the class wanting to become Catholic. I had never heard Zach's full my ears were wide open!

Zach started by saying he had never met anyone Catholic until he moved away from home....Catholics don't really exist in Berry. He couldn't believe after we met that he was going to be marrying a Catholic...let alone one whose father was a Deacon in the Church. He said that he was marrying me because he loved me and to tell my dad that he was NOT converting. Well, the Holy Spirit got ahold of his heart and we are all so happy. He said he really felt that the Catholic Church was home for him and where he belongs....he knew this after Christmas Mass this past year. Not only is this Mass one of the most beautiful of the entire year, but he was there holding his daughter and knew in order for him to teach her the ways of our Lord....he needed learn them himself. So here he is!

I never really understood what people meant when they said "You want to have a Christ Centered Marriage". I totally get it now! Zach and I being on the same page in our faith and expressing it to each other everyday has transformed our marriage. The other day before Mass started, Zach and I were just talking and he said "Can't you just feel our marriage getting stronger?" I mean talk about making a girl's heart melt! Putting Christ at the center of our marriage, rather than making him a bystander, has made us so much stronger and I just love him so much!

In addition to RCIA, Zach and I have started to attend a new ministry at our Church called Young Married Ministry. The objective is to bring together young, married couples, the next generation of the church, and teach them the fundamentals in living a Christan marriages while growing in faith and gaining support through community. It is going to be such a beautiful thing for our marriage! There are such wonderful couples in our Church and I can't wait to get to know all of them more!

A couple of weeks ago, after a complete crubble of Mommy Club, unfortunately sometimes women just butt heads....why is this??!?! I digress.........
From the rubble....came to life a beautiful Book Club!!! After our weekly get togethers ended, I still wanted to spend time with my girl friends and see them weekly. I thought that a book club would be a fun way to get us all together, while at the same time, growing in relationship with each other and strengthening our friendships through Christ....something that was not always done before. So when one door closes....another opens!
We are reading Heaven's Song by Christopher West. What an amazing, extraordinarily, beautiful book! I am loving every minute of it and I am only on Chapter 3! And this is a great book to discuss among women. The book was written to explain sex as God intended it to be....not the way the world portrays it. Such a difference and it just completely changes your thought process on the subject.
My girlfriends and I met for the first time two weeks ago and are meeting again next week. Should be interesting....whoever sits next to us at the coffee shop is in for it :)
So.....I am growing....and growing...and loving every minute of it!


Jennie said...

My Hubby and I are both converts (separately - I was Catholic when we met & he converted before we got married), and until our daughter was born, we both ministered together in RCIA. He is still there every week (I help in the background when I can) - we both learn more, and deepen our faith and love for the Church, every year we have been involved. It is so inspiring to see the Holy Spirit move in the hearts of the candidates and catechumens as the year progresses. Simply amazing.

We will keep you and Zach in our prayers. What a beautiful journey to take together!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Growing closer to the Lord, together as a couple, is just how God intended marriage to be....and that statement from Zach that made your heart melt made me smile widely!! :) Sweet couple!

You will really enjoy your book club---I am blessed to be in two different book clubs with wonderful ladies....look forward to seeing and talking with them each month!