Friday, October 8, 2010

My Sister, My Bride

Okay so this book, Heaven's Song, is changing my life...marriage....mindset! Chapter 3 talks all about how our husbands need to see us as sisters. Calm down and let me explain!

I totally reacted the same way....gross. But it really makes sense. I asked a couple of my friends what it meant to be a "sister" and what is meant to be a "brother" for those who had brothers. Here are some of the responses I got:

I think being a good sibling is being present and available to help, talk, and even tell them when you don't agree with what they are doing. It is setting a good example, and being someone of honor who they would want to model their life after. I know we value family so much that we turn to our siblings for advice on almost everything, and use them as models of what we are looking for in life.

No one is perfect, so I'm not sure there is a perfect sibling, because our flaws make us who we are and they are how we learn. I'm sure my brothers learned a lot from my mistakes:) I feel that even when we as siblings fight we grow closer to each other. I think a very important sibling trait is being willing to communicate and talk about things, and even feelings (which is tough for guys). I think that the families that keep things to themselves and bottle things up are the ones who grow apart.

Dependable. There for You. Forgiving. Sees past your flaws. Unconditional Love. And lifts you up rather than tears you down.

Someone that is there for you through thick and thin, good and bad.
Someone you can go to for advice because you know they will be completely be honest with you unlike some friends.
Someone you can depend on.
Someone you can talk about anything to and trust completely

I think that a good brother chooses to invest in having a relationship with his sister even though there might be differences. It's showing you care. I think a brother should offer advice from the male perspective to help the sister understand the mind of a guy. I see the brother having a protective nature. Of course, being loving as the Lord calls us to!

Now, replace sister with wife....or brother with husband. Are these not the exact traits you would want in a spouse and want to be for your significant other? God calls us to be brothers and sisters in Him and to be all these traits to one another....especially our husbands!

By our husbands seeing us as sisters, we are looked at as people, not as objects for selfish desire. A brother would never lust after his sister and neither should a husband lust after his wife. A brother is protective over his sister's image and actions and so should a husband be. A brother's love for his sister is pure and selfless and so should a husband's love be for his wife.

Once two can love each other this way.....they then become husbands and wives in Christ....hence the My Sister, My Bride. Lesson learned!

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