Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have come to hate getting the mail. As an is just full of bills and bills...some junk mail...and then bills. Blah! Do you ever feel like you just can't catch a break?

The doctor's bills have started rolling in. It is like they give you a little bit of time to mourn and then BAM!!! Reality sinks in! I just broke down yesterday because I feel like I am drowning in debt and I have nothing to show for it, except a stack of cards and a beautiful teeny tiny footprint. It makes you feel so empty.

Imagine buying your most favorite pair of you can't afford but you want so badly. Imagine staring at them, drooling over them, praying for them....and then finally buying them! How excited are you? Such a great feeling! And then they get stolen and you can do NOTHING about it.

I know, and have absolutely no doubts, that God will provide for me and my family. It is just money. The reality of it all is just plain overwhelming sometimes.


Christina said...

I had the same feeling this summer after my accident. One thing I did was to go online and sign up to get catalogs from stores that I liked. It's now a nice surprise to get something in the the mail once a week, it doesn't cost a thing, and you can take it outside and sit and peruse instead of looking at stuff on your computer or watching tv.

Denise said...

Less than a week after our son passed, the mailbox greeted me with the ambulance bill. My favorite past time of getting the mail each day turned into torture. It seemed so unfair that they would bother me with something that seemed so trivial at a time when I felt like my world was shattering into a million pieces. Nearly 3 years after his passing we still occasionally get mail for him (either a bill we never saw before or mail addressed to him). It's always like an unexpected punch in the gut.

Courtney Long said...

As someone that works in healthcare, please know you can call the hospital and negotiate your medical bills. Some options include asking for a % discount if you pay it all at once (about 20-30% is likely the most they'd give for someone with insurance) or setting up payment arrangements. You can usually make small payments. This is an everyday part of their work. Happens ALL the time. Call and ask for the patient accounting office/business office and then ask for a supervisor. Explain your situation and it's likely that you'll get some good help. Most hospital employees believe in the mission and just want to help.