Monday, October 18, 2010

My Little Pumpkin

What a weekend! I feel like we have not packed a weekend this full in a long time! But we loved every minute with The Williams' Family. Friday night after I got off work, we headed to Athens for the weekend. Zach and Ben made plans to go to he UGA game, while Jenny, Flint, Zoe and I headed to Dahlonega for Gold Rush, a huge Fall Festival that takes place every year. Loved it!
Here are all the babes as we walked around town and looked at all the awesome crafts!
Zoe even got in a good nap.
I loved going back to Dahlonega. For those of you who have never been, it is such a quaint little town and so beautiful! This is where Zach and I got married so it brought back so many wonderful memories going back. We relaxed and got a beer at Corkscrew Cafe, where my Bridal Luncheon was held. We stayed in Dahlonega from was a long day. But we were not done yet. We met back up with Ben and Zach and headed to Washington Farms!
I have been looking forward to visiting a pumpkin patch with my little Zoe Jane! I knew it would be full of awesome photo opts and it did not disappoint. The boys were such great sports with me and Jenny directing them for every shot. And the kids did great too. I think we got some really great pictures and we even left with pumpkins :) Our little pumpkins are just too stickin cute!
I think this one is by far my favorite!
Didn't they turn out great!?! Great memories with great friends!


Candace said...

These are GREAT pictures! I love how happy Zoe always seems to be! She's precious!

Hollyhand House said...

I love them! I love how she would put one hand on the pumpkin and one hand on her hip! haha Such a cutie!

Jennifer said...

Those pumpkin patch photos are too stinking cute! You are definately going to have to frame them!

kimberly t. bowling said...

ooohh...the black and white big chuckling laugh is my FAVE too..PRECIOUS!!!

momofbugs said...

On my the first one in the wheelbarrow was absolutely my favorite. I hope she never loses her picture smile!

Phillips Family said...

Love the pics, too cute!

Assisted Living Information said...

Those are some really cute pictures of your kids! I love seeing pictures of kids at the pumpkin patch. Young kids are so entertaining at pumpkin patches. The photo's on the left of each month are also really cute! It makes me want to have children, but I need to finish college first!