Thursday, October 28, 2010

Busy, Busy

We have lots going on and it doesn't look like it will be slowing anytime soon....
  • This weekend we head to Tuscaloosa! Finally! I get to spend some quality time with a great friend, Ms. Crystal, and Anna Riley, which I just can't wait for! On Friday, we are having pictures taken by Kim Lawson. I am so sad we won't be with Brenda Upton this year for family photos....finances just weren't there. Hopefully next year! I found Zoe a cute smocked dress on ebay ($ bargains) and I have a cute plaid dress for her to wear for the photos. We are getting family photos done, as well as, 1 year photos. I just love photographs and I can't wait to see how they turn out! Saturday, we are going to Tannehill for their annual fall festival. The other Phillips' Family are coming too! I can't wait to see the cutest ladybug, dinasaur and kitty cat play together!
  • Zach is in RCIA. RCIA are the classes one takes in order to become Catholic. I love this about the Catholic Church. Anyone who has a desire to become Catholic goes through these classes first to learn the history of the Church, to ask any questions they might have, to learn the reasons for the Sacraments and to fully prepare their mind and heart for such a life changing decision. Such a beautiful thing. Zach has his first special Mass this Sunday. At this Mass, all the candidates that are wanting to come into the Church at Easter are being announced to the congregation and their journey to Easter begins! Every Sunday (minus holidays) now until Easter, Zach will be learning the ins and outs of Catholicism. I am so proud of him and how his heart has been filled with the Holy Spirit. To say he is a new man is an understatement. I mean people....the my hubby went to the library and checked out a book on defending his Catholic faith all by himself....just makes me fall in love with him that much more.
  • When we get back home.....the week of Zoe's birthday party has come and it is full of projects getting ready for the big day! I have a list a mile long. My mom, lucky for me, gets Tuesday off from work to vote...but you know they gave it to her because she needs to help me tackle the mile long list! I can't believe her birthday is right around the corner. Time Flies!
  • We are celebrating Zoe's birthday on the 6th! BIG FOOTBALL DAY!!!! Bama and LSU play and they just so happened to reschedule the game smack dab in the middle of the party. Could not have planned it better myself!!! Can't wait to spend the day with our family and friends celebrating my little girl and watching Bama roll over those Tigers.
  • I have started working full time at Kroger. It is such a blessing and perfect timing....funny how the two go hand in hand. I work from 3-11, 5 days a week. I leave when Zach gets home, so Zoe is never without one of us. Putting in more hours has definitely been an adjustment, but I love knowing that my hard work helps my family. It makes every hour that much better. And the quality time Zach gets with Zoe is priceless! I have to brag on Zach for a minute because he really is such an amazing father. Nothing is too tough for him in parenting and he has started to tell me some tricks that work best with Zoe. I feel now that we are trying so much harder to parent together rather than one more than the other.

Okay....breathe.....and that is just one week!


Rachel said...

It sounds like you have an incredibly busy week. Birthdays are so much fun, but also work. Remember to rest and enjoy and reflect on that day as well!

God bless you.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Just keep pacing never seems to slow down once you have kids! :) But amidst the chaos you make some wonderful memories! :)