Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Months Old

  • Zoe weighs about 18 lbs.
  • Zoe wears size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • Zoe has blonde hair and it is starting to curl! Love it!
  • Zoe has 3 8 oz. bottles, 3 meals and a snack or 2 a day.
  • Zoe tried ground beef, clementines, butternut squash, ravioli, lemons (her face was hilarious)…can’t think of any others.
  • Zoe has started to cruise.
  • Zoe can pull herself up on anything and sit herself back down.
  • Zoe loves to stand up on the bed and then fall back on her bottom.
  • Zoe now likes to be thrown in the air because Zach wouldn’t stop trying until she did.
  • Zoe loves to open and close the TV cabinet.
  • Zoe knows what “no” means and has even puckered her lower lip when she is told no.
  • Zoe screams….a lot.
  • Zoe has the best facial expressions….she is really trying hard to communicate.
  • Zoe is very predictable.
  • Zoe still loves her thumb, but likes to chew on her pointer finger.
  • Zoe still only has 2 teeth.
  • Zoe has started to dance when she hears music.
  • Zoe makes monkey noises…I am pretty sure she learned this from Zach because when he makes them she copies him exactly.
  • Zoe screams if she sees her bottle and it is not in her hands.
  • Zoe says Mama a lot more now…but it is usually only when I am going to slow getting her food.
  • Zoe is really short, but has a little bit bigger head.
  • Zoe is the best cuddler in the mornings.
  • Zoe has mastered crawling.
  • Zoe stands on her tippy toes…total priss.
  • Zoe is over the bouncer…she wants to be moving all the time.
  • Zoe loves her lamb that sings “Jesus loves Me”.
  • Zoe had the worst diaper rash I have ever seen this past month.
  • Zoe freaks out when Zach says “I am going to get you!”
  • Zoe enjoyed her first Alabama Game! Roll Tide!
  • Zoe has the absolute best smile.
  • Zoe follows you all around the house.
  • Zoe loves to ride on Zach’s shoulders and pull his hair.
  • Zoe puts anything she finds on the floor in her mouth.
  • Zoe hates her car seat, so we have turned her around for all of our sanity.
  • Zoe pulls out her bows and then sees me frown and tries to put it back in.
  • Zoe has no stranger anxiety and no longer has separation anxiety.
  • Zoe loves to wave but only claps when she wants to now.
  • Zoe can drink from her sippy cup, but only when she wants to.
  • Zoe loves to play in her room and pull all her books off the shelf.
  • Zoe shakes when she is really full of emotion.
  • Zoe is not a fan of getting dressed.
  • Zoe loves to give kisses to everyone.
  • Zoe has started to push you away she wants to get down or not be held so tight.
  • Zoe lets you know when she is done eating because she throws the food on the ground or just starts to play with it.
  • Zoe loves for you to pat her mouth and make Indian noises.
  • Zoe loves to give you big raspberries on your arm.
  • Zoe makes kissing sounds with her lips and can click her tongue.
  • Zoe became a Big Sister this past month.


Phillips Family said...

She looks just like you with that headband on!

Hollyhand House said...

Such a cutie with that big smile! I wish Anna Riley would smile for pictures but she gives me the stare! haha Cant wait to see yall!!!

Candace said...

Her personality is just shining in ALL these pictures! I just love her houndstooth Bama top too - precious!

Mommy Alyshia said...

LOVE IT!! She is just so stinkin cute!! I love the picture of you and her...even if you are in Bama gear! ;-)