Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kendall's Birthday!

This past weekend we traveled to Alabama for Ms. Kendall's 2nd birthday. After missing her 1st birthday party....we made a point to make it this year! So glad we were able to! Kendall is such a girly girl and most of her gifts consisted of dress up clothes or baby dolls. She was so cute walking around in her high heels with her make believe vacuum.
The Dessert Box did a fabulous job, once again, on the cake and cookies. I had never had their cookies before and let me just tell you....I could have eaten every one of them all by myself!
And we got to see our best friends!
Saturday, we relaxed at The Phillips' House and watched the Bama game....which was not very relaxing....more nerve racking!!!! But a win is a win!
These kids are just growing way too fast. It totally breaks my heart that I don't get to see all my nieces and nephews all the time. But I do love celebrating their birthdays with them!

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