Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome Home! they are! The long overdue house pictures! I wanted to wait until we had EVERYTHING done before posting pics but...lets be real....Is a home ever really DONE? I am finding the answer to be...."In your dreams!" So here is what we do have done.

Welcome to our home....lets begin with the exterior!

To the exterior, we added gutters...WOW can water really kill a home if not taken care of properly. We got rid of the 80s style siding....diagonal siding was not exactly what we had hoped for when looking for a home. We also put on a fresh coat of paint and Viola!

Eventually, we will purchase new shutters, paint the front door, level out the front porch and add shrubs and flowers.
Coming in through the front door, you walk right into our Living Room!

Step 1 was to strip the baseboards and pull up the carpet.
We started painting before we laid the floors...a lot less clean up, which is good for someone who is rather good at spilling paint!And the boys got going!
Still need to hang pictures and patch up the wall where the chair rail was.
Next is the Dining Room....and these are the only pictures I have of it. Not quite done yet!
To the left of the Dining Room is the Kitchen....We carried the hardwoods on into the kitchen rather then switching to tile. In the Kitchen, we painted the walls and cabinetry, replaced the countertops, painted the backsplash and organized the laundry/pantry.
Here is the kitchen after the countertops were installed.
In the kitchen, we still need to put the hardware on the drawers, get rugs for in front of the sink and stove, and patch the walls for the backsplash. We would love to get a new sink and faucet...but all in due time.
Here is my favorite part of the Kitchen....the newly organized pantry. In order to even have a pantry, we had to get clever. By stacking the washer and dryer and installing shelving, we now have a pantry!
And the oh so interesting hallway.

Still need one more coat of paint and possibly a runner and pictures. We are also replacing all the doors and hardware....can't wait for that. It will make such a difference!
First room you come to in the hallway is Zoe Jane's Nursery! I have waited so long to be able to do this little one's nursery....I loved putting it together!

Here it is with new carpet:
I still need to put pictures in the frames on the wall, paint the frames and get a lamp.
My mom made the curtains and the glider cushions. She did a wonderful job! I love the houndstooth and the giraffe print!
And another organized closet....obsessed with organization!
Next is the Bathroom.

And After:
For the bathroom, we need to replace the counter and the floors. But I like it!
And that is the end of the tour. Our second tour will include the Master Bedroom, Master Bath and Guest Bedroom. Who knows when those will be done though...haha.


Amanda and Keith said...

Ya'll have put alot of work in to this and you will never regret it. Its beautiful!!! and with a new baby I do not see how you have done it all. Congrats on your House!!

Southern Cinderella said...

I love what you've done with your new house! It looks wonderful! Hard work pays off!!

Life throws you surprises! said...

Great Job! The Kitchen looks awesome and I can't believe how well your couch fits.

Ashley said...

Becca, it looks sooo good! I love before and after shots. :) It's amazing what new floors and paint will do!!! And the kitchen looks awesome too. ...and Zoe's room is precious; tell your mom the glider cushions are adorable!

Hollyhand House said...

I LOVE it!! Yall have really been busy...and to think you had a newborn doing all of this! I cant wait until we can come visit and see it in person!

And they call it puppy love said...

You have really done a great job! The bathroom is my favorite (I may copy that idea of the blue and brown for our master bath someday)! Sorry again for spilling salsa on your rug (multiple times) and sorry Carson spit up on your rug! We had fun the other night, although I am limiting myself on the wine next time!!!! We were in bad shape the next day!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Everything looks fab! Lots of hard work, glad you have the pics to document this journey in your first home....will be precious memories to look back when you have grandchildren!! :) And you are SO right....a house is never really "finished", but it is always "home" when your family is there, no matter what stage it's in!

Love the hardwoods, the kitchen looks terrific...great idea for your pantry! Can't wait to see more!

Joy said...

The house looks great. Love everything you have done!