Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Make a Diaper Cake

Things you will need for this project:

Clear Hair ties
Rubber Bands
Center Piece of Choice
Ribbon of Choice

For Crystal's shower, I helped with decorations and made diaper cakes! I really enjoyed it….so if you are pregnant and I am invited to your shower…..expect this as your gift. The cakes turned out so cute! So how do you make these great gifts you ask…..

1st step….Pick an item to use as your center piece. I used baby lotion and body wash…but you could also use a bottle of champagne or wine (because a baby is a celebration), or a baby’s bottle. It really just depends on how BIG you want the cake to be. Since I was making two, I wanted to pick something medium in size as my center.

2nd step….Buy diapers and clear hair ties. I chose size 1 diapers because I feel like babies grow out of newborns so fast! For this medium size cake, I used 34 diapers. Once you have the diapers and ties, roll the diaper from the Velcro part to the butt, so the graphics are all on the inside. Place the ties in the center….the diapers I used were Pampers Swaddlers and they have the line right in the middle…very helpful.

3rd step….Place the rubber band around the center piece for the first row on the bottom tier. Start placing the diapers next to one another until first circle is full. Next, place another rubber band around the first circle and start filling with diapers for the second circle of the bottom tier. Repeat same step for the second tier and third. For a medium cake, I did 2 rows for the bottom tier, 1 row for the middle tier and 4 diapers in a circle on top of the bottle for the top tier. For the top tier, you may need some sort of adhesive to keep the diapers from falling off.
4th step…Measure the ribbon to fit each of the tiers. Use tape or straight pins to keep in place. Place your topper on the top of the cake and you are DONE! I saw many other cakes that decorated the cake quite a bit more than I did....use your creativity and make it themed for just covered with baby products if you'd like. So easy and so cute….not to mention a very practical gift for the new mom!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

So stinkin' cute!! I saw it in the post above first (on the food table for the shower) and thought to myself, "now that's little diaper cake is adorable" and lo and behold you had made it! Precious, thoughtful and very useful gift and decoration!!