Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Months!

Here we are....January 14th and that marks 2 months for our precious Zoe Jane! I have loved every moment of being this little ones Mommy! Love isn't even a big enough word to describe how Zach and I feel about Zoe Jane. So blessed! How could you not love that face.....

So what has happened this last month........

  • Zoe is in size 1 diapers and in between newborn and 0-3 for clothes.
  • Zoe eats every 3 1/2 to 4 hours (longer if she sleeps through a feeding).
  • Zoe sleeps a lot still during the day and I am trying to get her in a routine by 4 months of we are just keeping track of when she sleeps now. Her fussy time between 9-11 isn't near as bad as in the first month. We are learning more and more how to help her during this time. She goes right to sleep at 11 and wakes up once in the night between 4-5:30 and then sleeps until around 8....9 on some days if I am really lucky!
  • Zoe is still swaddled every night and LOVES it.....if she has trouble falling asleep during the day, I swaddle her, too. It will be interesting when I have to stop swaddling her :(
  • Zoe started sleeping in her crib this month, at about 6 weeks, and has been doing AMAZING! We had no problem at all transitioning her from her bassinet to the crib. Praise the Lord.
  • Zoe has a night light on her monitor that we keep on for her since she still isn't really a fan of the dark....and she loves the ocean songs we play for her....they calm her very nicely!
  • Zoe still has big blue eyes!
  • Zoe's hair is growing and growing......bows are always welcome!
  • Zoe is starting to cover her face when she sleeps, if she isn't swaddled. But even when she is....her hands some how make it out of the strong hold and are right by her face.
  • Zoe loves the bath! She just relaxes the whole time.
  • Zoe still looks like her daddy, but I think she will have my coloring.
  • Zoe doesn't grunt much anymore....thank goodness.
  • Zoe loves to stretch real big in the mornings after we take her out of her swaddle....the faces she makes are priceless and absolutely hilarious.
  • Zoe is traveling much better now in her car seat.....she slept both ways....all 4 hours to Alabama this past trip.
  • Zoe loves her paci....but would rather be sucking her fingers if her Daddy would allow it.
  • Zoe is really smiling now and I feel like she really knows who Zach and I are now.
  • Zoe loves to cuddle....especially on Saturday mornings in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
  • Zoe does well with Tummy Time, when I remember.
  • Zoe is just a calm, relaxed, happy just makes you want another :) HAHA
  • Zoe attended her 1st Mass Christmas Eve and did great....she has been going ever Sunday since and gets blessed. Love having her there with me!

Things that have helped me survive this past month:

  • We now use the SnugBug swaddle blanket from Target. I don't favor this one specifically, but if you want to swaddle, I would strongly suggest getting a blanket that has velcro. She now fits into this blanket, before it was way to big. But the velcro gives me piece of mind because I know she can't break out of it and it won't cover her face ever.
  • Now that Zoe Jane is in her crib, a good monitor was really important to us. I received the Fisher Price Monitor and I love it. It has great reception....doesn't make any of those scary noises when to base and handhelds get close and BEST is a remote control. From our room, we can turn the night light and soothing sounds (music and ocean) off and on.....that's right! So useful!
  • I have loved having a winter bear can see it in one of the pictures above. In this weather, especially the last couple has been freezing and I don't really have WARM clothes for Zoe Jane. So, anytime we leave the house, she becomes a cuddle bear in this. And it is just so cute too.
  • This past month we have really gotten great use out of our bottle warmer since I have gone back to work. I think ours is made by 1st does great.
  • Little Noses Stuffy Nose Kit.....nasal aspirator and saline spray....Zoe Jane has not been sick, just some congestion and this has been a wonderful help in keeping her nose clean!


Running in the Delta said...

Hey Rebecca...I dont know if you'll remember me or not but we were at UA together! I stumbled upon your blog on facebook and have loved keeping up with you and seeing pics of that sweet angel baby!!! I have a blog, also, and left you a little blog award. Please check it at Can't wait to hear more about your house! Talk soon~Laura Frazier Withers

Mama Kayla said...

Aww..Zoe is precious! I miss my Story being so small. :-) It's bittersweet, watching them grow.

I also do monthly posts about Story. It's going to make scrapbooking much easier! :-) Peace and Love. -Mama Kayla

Jennie said...

We had a miracle blanket we used on our daughter until she was 7 months old (when she started rolling over) and LOVED it. She could break out of the velcro ones and would then constantly wake herself up. She did great once we stopped swaddling, btw, so don't worry too much about it :)

Funny how some things work for some babies and not others :) Such a cutie you have!

Amanda Odom said...

I am so glad y'all are doing well. Gavin celebrates a birthday today too...10 months! Time definitely flies by. Thanks for all of your great posts!

Caroline said...

Zoe is too cute in her 2 months old pic!! The maxi pad diaper is hilarious!!

Crystal said...

She looks like she is doing a model pose in the first picture! TOO CUTE!