Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Skype Me!

I absolutely love Skype. Since we live so far from our family....especially Kaitlin right has been so convenient to talk through Skype. Zach gets so excited when we skype Carly and Katie Beth....he is so cute. Tonight, Kaitlin, Chrysti and I all talked to each other through Skype on a conference call....SO COOL! It is like we were all together....even though Ally kept asking "Where are you....why can't I see you?". Unfortunately, while on conference calls, you can't use video, but still great. After we all talked, I got to talk to Chrysti and the girls and see them on webcam. It was so good seeing them. They grow so makes me so sad to only get to see them every couple months. So now....much more often. I would suggest to everyone, if you have family or friends long distances....get a webcam and use this program. It is free and AWESOME!

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Life throws you surprises! said...

we have to do it more often now. plus it won't use up our minutes.