Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I don't know if any of you have looked up the Bible verse at the top of my blog, but here it is:

"For I know the plans I have for you,"
declares the LORD,
"plans to prosper you and not to
harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

I love this verse because it really speaks volumes to me. I am a "worry bug" when it comes to certain things....I obsess. It is a very negative trait of mine and this verse calms this part of my personality. When Zach was looking for jobs, I, by luck, came across this verse and I felt like it was speaking straight at me. I had been praying and praying over our situation...trying to find guidance and the direction we were supposed to go in....and then I realized....He already knows and has already planned this for us. After I surrendered and put my trust in Him...Zach got this job...coincedence...I think not. So, I have been trying to remind myself of this verse anytime I stress or question where we are at in our lives or wonder why certain things happen in our lives.

With that being said, Life can be crazy and fun and exciting and insane all at the same time. This past month has been all of those things for me and Zach. Since the beginning of February, I have lost my job, found an internship in Atlanta, we have moved everything to Atlanta, Zach found the perfect job in Atlanta, Zach has moved to Atlanta, and we are having a baby.....

That is right.....We are having a BABY!

We could not be more excited! Although we had been trying and loving the idea of starting our family, we decided it would be best to wait a little while for life to calm down. Well, God had a different plan for us and our little one on the way.

I found out through a home pregnancy test on March 10th that I was indeed pregnant. Not able to even breathe from tears of joy, I called my sisters and let them know the news....and cried some more! Then I packed up to head to Gulf Shores. Longest 6 hours of my life! But it was so nice to have 6 hours of quiet time to imagine and dream about what is to come. I got a little onesie to surprise Zach with. He opened the gift and looked at the onesie for a while and then..."Really?" and I said "Yes" and then..."Really?"...and I said "Yes!" He did this a couple more times and then I pulled out the test to show him and to confirm in his mind that I wasn't making this up.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor in Gulf Shores for March 11th. I am going to miss small towns for this reason...I called the day of and made a dr. appointment....that is non-existent in Atlanta. I went in for the check up and was reassured again that I was pregnant...What a great feeling! After meeting with the doctor, he asked me if I would want to come back the next day for the first ultrasound....HECK YA! He said they didn't normally do ultrasounds this early, but since we were moving and wouldn't be there, he would do it. I was so excited! After the appointment, I called Zach to let him know everything went ok and they confirmed the pregnancy and he still said....."So you really are pregnant!"....he cracks me up! Zach and I went the next day and saw what was the very beginnings of our little baby. I measured 4 weeks and 5 days and the ultrasound only showed a black sac. The technician said she could not even believe we could see that this early. I was on cloud 9...still am!

Our expected due date is November 14th. Zach has already brought up his thoughts on the date....he said, "Well, as long as the baby doesn't come the weekend of the 7th...I'll be good." I love that he thinks he has a say in this, but the 7th happens to be the Alabama v. LSU game. I am just excited the baby will be here for his/her 1st Ironbowl....Roll Tide!

We have slowly but surely been telling our family and friends. We wanted to tell both our parents in person. We had to wait until this past weekend to tell them since Zach was still in Gulf Shores. We told my Dad on Friday night....my Mom Sunday after Church and Zach's parents on Sunday after we drove to Berry. What an awesome experience!

Our next appointment is scheduled for April 13th! I will be 9 weeks and we get another ultrasound! I am so excited!

Please keep Zach, me and our baby in your prayers! It is going to be a long...Hot...summer :)


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Candace said...

CONGRATS!!! Your baby and Kimberly's baby will be so close too!!!

Kaitlin said...

OMG the baby will be here for Ironbowl...So I think its pretty bad though that our lives are compared with football schedules....O well Thats the south and southern rivalries for ya!!! LOVE YOU!

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The Cannons said...

Hope you're feeling great and congrats! And I love that verse,too. I have it on a canvas in the boys room. And yes, HIS plans are far better than ours could ever be. You know they say if you really want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans. Hope all goes well!