Friday, March 20, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

It is official! Zach now lives in Georgia....YAY! It has been a really long week, but Zach is finally here!

Baby Tucker was born on March 19 around 3:00. He weighs 8lbs and is 20 inches. From what I have heard, everyone is doing great! Thank you for praying for them and continue please :)

Zach and I are relaxing the ENTIRE weekend! We have nothing crazy alarms necessary...thank the Lord. Sunday night, we are heading to Berry to meet Baby Tucker. I will take tons of pictures so you can see the latest edition to the family.

I am pretty excited about Twilight coming out tomorrow...hopefully there will be a copy left for me to buy. I cannot wait for New Moon....November can't come soon enough!

Taco Mac is also calling our names this weekend....WINGS! They have the best wings and I have missed them so much! And we are also going to my favorite restaurant, Dominic's, on Sunday to celebrate Zach's new job with my parents....YUMMY! I am going to eat very well this weekend.

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