Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on the Mission

Here is a little update on my mission to get out there and make some friends!

So, we joined the Bodenhamer Center and I have been loving it! Not only has it been nice to have some extra energy, but I am finding that there are people in my age group around Gulf Shores. Don't get me has been hilarious watching the snowbirds riding the bikes in their jeans and button down shirts! It has been really nice to also have a "hobby". Exercising has always in some way been a hobby of mine, so its great to pick it back up, even though I have barely been able to move this week. While I was working out yesterday, the Gulf Shores Dolphin swim team was having a swim meet....I got so excited. Maybe this could be another way I could get involved. I am going to call the coach sometime this week to see if I couldn't volunteer to help the team out.

On Saturday, we went to a couple's shower for our friends Jen and Jason. They are getting married November 8th. We meet some great friends of theirs that live in the area. We are looking forward to seeing them all again at the wedding. One of the couples we met said they saw Zach and I working out that morning....small world :)

On Sunday, I went to St. Margaret's for mass. Unfortunately, Zach had to work so he couldn't join me. But I really enjoyed it. I finally found families and the priest was great. The church has just built a new sanctuary and they are having a big dedication ceremony and opening Mass in a couple weeks with a big lunch for the parishioners afterwards. I am going to sign us up for this. I think it will be a good thing and a great way to socialize and meet some more people. This weekend we will be visiting the Christian Life Church. I didn't feel completely comfortable visiting a new church, one that I am not very familiar with, by myself. I am looking forward to having Zach with me and hopefully he will enjoy the church.

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