Friday, October 17, 2008

Check off the List!

I have this imaginary list of things I want to do before I die....don't we all in some way? Well, my list includes going to Ireland, having kids, going inside the Louve, and much more. But I get to check off one of my things to do tonight! Zach and I are going to see Michael Buble!!!!! YAY!!!! I am absolutely in love with Michael and everything he sings. I first saw him on an episode of Oprah like 2 years ago. He was just getting started and lucky for him Oprah heard his amazing voice and had him sing at her Christmas Party. He has brought all the classic songs from Frank and Dean back to life. He is wonderful. I have all of his CDs and I listen to them every time I go on a road trip....I could listen to him forever. And I get to see him tonight. Not only do I love him, but Zach does too. Our song is "Everything" by Michael and we danced to it as our first dance. I can't wait!

Go out and buy his will not regret it or stop listening to it!

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Life throws you surprises! said...

Have fun. I don't have any of his cds...more so because I am not a cd person but I think his voice is awesome and love that he brought back all the classic love songs.