Monday, October 27, 2008

A little Prayer

This weekend the priest at St. Margaret's had a wonderful message. The concept of the homily was that you can't love someone unless you spend time with them and give them your attention. It is easy to love our husbands and wives, children, friends, etc. because we get to see them and express our love everyday. But it is much harder to love God without giving him our time and attention. I liked what he had to say because it made me realize how I only really pray at church and before eating. I don't give Him enough time and this opened my eyes to it. So, I am going to start praying more because, not only will this help me through hard times, it will also help my relationship grow and my faith. On this note, whenever any of you pray this week, will you say a little one for me and Zach. Nothing is fact everything is GREAT....but I would really appreciate it.


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