Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Am Loving!

~My Little Man~

I am LOVING that Evan is doing great and getting stronger!  I really focus on building Evan's muscles up in the morning before Zoe wakes up!  Evan has been standing and holding on all by himself.  We are working on him bending down to pick something up while standing.  He also is doing great switching hands and holding on with only one hand.
We are also working on the floor with lots of tummy time.  Evan has never been a fan...ever...and still isn't.  I have been forcing him to get on his knees...he still can't do it himself.  He is starting to pull a knee to his chest though and that is a big step.  He balances great by himself once I get him on his knees.  You can tell it is hard for him though and his strength isn't quite there yet because he falls within 30 seconds.  Big improvements though!
All this hard work has caused some bumps and bruises....but there is always this precious smile!!!

~Is It Really SUMMER~

The weather is Georgia has been AMAZING and I am LOVING it!  Saturday, we spent the whole day outside playing at the park!  You couldn't help but spend the whole day outside.  It was glorious.
I am also LOVING that my sister and her family are in town all month!  Zoe is so cute with her cousins and is LOVING all the attention.  She calls them 'friends' is so cute!

~Great Gift~

I am LOVING these beautiful blocks we got from The Williams' celebrating Zoe and Benjamin's special baptismal days.  I can't wait to get some more made for all our special days!

~Birthday Bash~

I can't believe we will be celebrating Evan's 1st Birthday in 2 short months!  Here is a little sneak peak on his birthday theme...and I am LOVING it!

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cynthia said...

That smile is pretty precious. :)

Bren said...

Found you on WILW! Your children are so cute. Come check my page out! Our sons are close in age :-)

Elizabeth said...

I am LOVING Zoe's blue dress. and I am LOVING those blocks! We got one as a gift for Evie's birth, but I love the idea of making them for milestones and have a set of blocks to celebrate their childhood :)

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

LOOOOVE Evan's birthday theme!!!!!!