Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Months Old

I got a little sad yesterday realizing this baby boy of mine was 10 months old!  So much of him is still "baby"  but he is changing and growing so much!
  • Evan weighs about 17 lbs.
  • Evan wears size 9 month clothes and some 12 month.
  • Evan wears size 4 diapers.
  • Evan wears size 2 shoes...when I actually put shoes on him.
  • Evan is such a cuddly, smiley, happy kid.  He is so sweet.
  • Evan learned to clap this month.
  • Evan is a pro at sitting up all on his own...he can also pull himself to a sitting position if you lean him back.
  • Evan has finally discovered his feet this past month and plays with them a lot more now.
  • Evan is starting to reach for you when you put your hands out to him.
  • Evan is starting to pull up but doesn't quite have enough strength yet.
  • Evan eats...and eats....and eats.  If he sees food, the moaning and shrieking begin until the food is in his mouth.  There is nothing this child doesn't eat (unless not recommended by the doctor).
  • Evan breastfeeds in the morning and afternoon.  Halfway through the month, I cut out breastfeeding at night since we had to supplement anyway with formula.  He has a 6oz bottle at night before bedtime.
  • Evan has had a rash around his mouth since we started formula, so I plan to start Organic Whole Milk this week and cut out formula.  By 11 months, Evan will be weaned and on milk so this is a good start!
  • Evan eats meals when we eat and probably has 2 small snacks in between.
  • Evan doesn't really have a favorite food because he likes them all so very much.
  • Evan still has no teeth...but he sure has gums of steel!
  • Evan showed many signs of teeth arriving soon this past month with a couple fevers, really hot gums and runny noses...but still none has popped through.
  • Evan is still not a fan of tummy time, but we have been able to prop him up on all fours and he rocks.  After a couple seconds he lets his knees slide so he can get down...he is just not a fan.
  • Evan has started to get very frustrated when he can't get what he has his eye on...he some how finds a way to the object...but it is definitely not the easiest way.
  • Evan is an amazing sleeper!  He goes to sleep every night around 7 and wakes up between 6-6:30.  He takes a morning nap for about an hour, an afternoon nap at the same time as Zoe for about 2 hours, and an evening nap for another hour.
  • Evan loves his pacie...it is his favorite toy and he is constantly reaching for it, putting it in and out of his mouth...and he even likes to throw it over his crib rails.
  • Evan loves to sleep with a blanket....he doesn't prefer one over another...but he loves the comfort!
  • Evan has not really been too big a fan of the pool or fountains.  The pool water is still pretty chilly.  But once he gets used to it, he is okay.  And he did great in the pool floats!
  • Evan is doing great standing up and holding onto something.  He will hold on for a really long time because I think he is scared to fall back...but we have been working on this a lot the last week or so.
  • Evan will switch hands while standing, but will not cruise yet.  It is like his feet are glued and he can't relax!
  • Evan talks and talks....his babbling has definitely increased this month.  He makes all different sounds but mainly "dada" and "baba".  He has a really low voice.
  • Evan loves to sit on the floor and pull everything out of the baskets...he is very grabby and has a really strong grip!  He also loves to grab your glasses off and your hair...not so positive.
  • Evan is really ticklish, especially on his tush.
  • Evan loves his big sister and now they "talk" to one another.  Zoe babbles and babbles to him!  And anytime he smiles and Zoe sees...she takes full credit for making him smile.
  • Evan loves his mommy and crys for me when he sees me...this can warm your heart or be kinda frustrating sometimes.
  • Evan's eyes have gotten darker but they are still hazelish.
Gosh I love this kid so much!

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Elizabeth said...

He and Evie need to go on a date. Okay, lots of them and get married and have ADORABLE little babies of their own.

Oh my gosh. Love him!