Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellany Monday

~The Deck~

Our deck is about 60% complete....and I am so excited!  We still need to attach the stairs, railings and finish out the two landings on either side of the main deck.  We are already taking advantage of our outdoor space between rain storms!

This addition is going to be so wonderful once it is complete!  And I can't wait to get started on a project for our existing outdoor furniture!  It is going to be like new when I am done with it!

~Bieber Fever~

I am pumped....I am seeing Justin Biwber January 16th in is going to be amazing!  So excited to share this fun experience with my sweet nieces and SIL.  We have floor seats...yep...and I am pretty sure I am going to have to get my eyes checked before we go so I can see everything clearly.
Who said that just because I am grown up...I have to always act like it....
And Justin's Believe CD comes out in like 7 days....YAY!

And I have two extra floor tickets that we are me if you are interested!

~Country Fresh Foods~

So....I have been on a kick lately.  I have totally limited the amount of packaged, processed foods we keep in our home.  I am buying more produce and trying my best to keep our home healthier.  One of the steps I have taken to help this new kick is to buy our meat in bulk from an Independent Contractor out of Cumming.  After watching Food 101 a couple months back, it sickened me seeing how certain farmers treat their animals...all to make more money.  And we can see it in our meats...chickens are not supposed to be that big people!  I also loved that the meats are going to be delivered straight to my door!!!  But what I think I love more is that the meat are AMAZING!!!  We have not cooked one piece of meat that wasn't above and beyond what we have gotten at the grocery.  So happy with the decision to buy this way!

Next step...farmer's markets!

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Hollyhand House said...

LOve the pics of Zac and Zoe on the deck!
I wonder if we have somewhere to get meats?? I am all about some fresh veg/fruits and we don't eat a lot of processed but I agree about the meat. I will have to check into that. Riley and I have decided we are making a very small garden next year. It will be fun for the girls and they can help! Something else you could consider! :)