Monday, June 18, 2012

Miscellany Monday

~Fun with Grammy!~
Wednesday we headed over to Grammy's for a day full of creative, hands-on FUN! 
All the kids made tye dye shirts with sharpies and rubbing alcohol. The little ones needed some help, but still had lots of fun drawing all over the place.
 Be still, my heart!

Then, we moved into the kitchen to make homemade ice cream....Yum! Carson and Zoe had so much fun stirring!

Here are our Tye Dye shirts!!!
And the ice cream was delicious!  Grammy put out all different toppings....Zoe definitely went with sprinkles!

~Father's Day~
After a busy, busy weekend in Alabama, my whole family got together Sunday night for dinner to celebrate all the Fathers and to wish farewell to Kaitlin!  Kaitlin is headed to Arizona for LifeTeen Summer Camp...please keep all of the missionaries and campers in your prayers!

We had a wonderful dinner, great margaritas and amazing homemade blueberry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream...ridiculous!  And we got a family photo!

~Getting Stronger~
Evan is now able to stand....for a very long time!  His balance has improved so much in the last month...and he has even started to pull himself up when he holds your fingers.  I am so happy with the strides he has made.  He also tolerates being on his knees and has begun to rock....he just doesn't get on his knees by himself still.
I have been putting him in front of the mirror a lot and he really loves it!

Gotta love that smile!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

That last pic is precious! And I love their tye dye shirts---so cute!!