Thursday, June 21, 2012

Potty Boot Camp

The last 3 days have been Potty Boot Camp here at The Phillips House!  And I must is going wonderfully smooth....knock on wood!

About a week ago, I tried to start Zoe potty training.  We set timers for every 30 minutes and I would take her to the potty and encourage her to go....totally didn't work for us.  She would get so upset she had to go to the bathroom AGAIN after going 20 times that day and she never once peed on the potty.  We all kept a really close eye on her, but the minute she could trick us and run away...she would find a corner or carpet and pee all over the place.  One thing I learned from this is that the girl can hold her bladder....a really long time!

So we stopped after the first day.  I left it up to that she wasn't mentally ready after talking to a couple other Mommies.  And I was okay with it.  I felt like the more ready she is...the easier it would be!  Little did I know...she would officially be ready not even a week later!

For all you Moms that are similar to me and really want their child to be ready when you start potty training...a good indication that they are ready is when they poop, take their diaper off by themselves and proceed to take their the toilet....BY HAND!!!

We started Full On Potty Training Monday.  We started by going to the grocery.  I let Zoe pick out what "surprise" she wanted, bought Clorox wipes and tons of juice.  Once we got home, the juice began in large quantities and I also force feed her all things salty...cheezits, popcorn....Camp was set up in the living room with a Toy Story Marathon and the potty front and center....and Zoe stripped to her birthday suit.

It took about an hour for her to go the first time.  I saw her start a little dance, her stomach was so tight it was about to explode...but she wouldn't sit down and pee.  So I had to bribe her to sit and right away she went.  Her face was so surprised.  I think she was scared she didn't do it right or something was wrong.  I quickly clapped and got so excited for her, telling her she did and I was so proud...she was so excited!  We wiped, got a surprise and then dumped the pee (I think this was her favorite part).  This continued 5 more times before nap time with no accidents!  I was so proud of her. 

Nap time she stayed dry...Yay!  And we continued the same routine through the day and she peed 7 more times on the potty before bed.  Around 4, she started to tell me her tummy hurt and that she had to poop....but kept saying "I can't Mommy, I can't."  So I kept telling her she would be able to when she was ready.  About 1 hour before bed, Zoe had her first Poop in the potty!  To say I freaked out with excitement is an understaffed.  I might have even taken a picture and sent it to love ones to share in the happiness (they didn't quite have the same reaction!).  Zoe went to bed soon after that and kept her diaper dry all night.  

Potty Boot Camp Day 1 = Success!

Day 2 started with Chocolate Milk because she kept her pull up dry all night and the training continued.  I was nervous Day 1 would have been forgotten but Zoe picked up right where we left off.  She started with a pee about 30 minutes after waking and soon after had her 2nd poop in the potty!  Also, Zoe no longer told me when she had to pee...she just would sit and then tell me when she was done.  Zoe also LOVES taking the potty to be dumped...which made me nervous.  A 2 year old carrying pee around the house is not the best situation!  But anything that made her excited, made me excited!  I had to drop the kids off with my sister for about an hour and Zoe continued her positive peeing in the potty!  At my Mom's, I laid Zoe down for a nap, but I am pretty sure she played the entire 3 hours she was in the room.  She also had a nice nasty waiting for me when I got 1 poopy accident for Day 2....but no pee!

Potty Boot Camp Day 2 = Success!

Day 3 started with a wet diaper in the chocolate milk which made Zoe a little bit sad....but the pull up was warm so I know it was quite recent.  So I told Zoe when she had her first pee pee, she could then have her milk....and it happened within minutes.  So, I thought we were good to go.  Being in the house,  exclusively with a 2 year old can make you a little crazy so I really wanted to get out.  Our friend had invited us to the pool, so I thought this would be a good time to start getting used to being out and about and pottying.  Wrong!  I got her dressed with panties and with in 15 minutes, she had her first pee accident.  She was so upset.  So we stayed home another day to practice more and she did great the rest of the day!  She peed all day and pooped twice!  She did have a wet diaper after nap...but I am okay with that as long as she stays dry all day at this point.

Potty Boot Camp Day 3 = Success!

So for the next couple days we are going to work on wearing clothes and panties and peeing!  Also I am going to move the potty into the bathroom!  Wish me luck!!!!

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Kelly B said...

SOunds like you all are doing great!! I have my 4th to train soon ... he's not quite ready but wants to be like his siblings. I"m hoping I catch him at the spot where he's ready and it works as simply as your experience;)

BTW... we're not good with timers either!!