Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoe's 2nd Birthday Party ~ Part 1

What an amazing couple days we had this past weekend!  I just love having our family and friends all together to celebrate.  Friday, we had Zoe's 2nd birthday party at our home.  It was a Mickey Mouse theme!  I was busy all week getting the final touches for her special day.  I waited until Zoe took her nap on Friday to get the balloons because I knew she would flip....she loves balloons!

When I got home, Zoe was up and boy was she surprised by all the balloons..especially this Airwalk Mickey!  Immediately she grabbed him and took him to the couch with her to watch Nemo before the party.

We got all the food prepared, table set, cake in place and then got Zoe Jane all dressed!  I loved everything about her little outfit for the day.  She looked so precious!

I downloaded a "Mickey" font for her birthday sign and hung some pictures from the past year :)  Every one brought back so many memories and it was fun seeing how much she has grown!

For the food, we had "Hot Dogs" (pigs in a blanket), mickey mouse shaped chicken nuggets (so good!), chocolate covered pretzels, chips, cheese and crackers, pasta salad and, of course, CAKE (from The Dessert Box)!
Big Kisses for Mickey!

I had so much fun with the party favors.  We have some amazing friends and family with some adorable kids...and I really wanted to do something that the kids would love!  The little buckets included Disney pez dispensers, a box of crayons, a coloring pad, mickey stickers and candy :)

The star of the show....all the kids loved this guy!  He was wrestled and kissed many times throughout the night!
Holly and Zelda outdid themselves once again!  The cake was perfect and absolutely delicious!  We decided on chocolate cake this year and I am so glad we was amazing!  The top layer was a marbled dark chocolate and red velvet and the bottom was just dark chocolate...yummy!

Let the party begin!

During the party, we had Mickey Mouse tattoos for the kids.  This was a big hit and all the kids were so cute while waiting for them to stick and dry!


Candace said...

I love her dress for the party. I appreciate how it says Mickey Mouse without being MICKEY MOUSE! Do you know what I mean???

kimberly t. bowling said...

Great job, MOM! Everything looks super, you managed to think of every detail! The decor, the cute food, where in the world did you get mickey nuggets?, the cute dress, the streamers hanging down from the love love.

Rebecca said...

Candace...I kow exactly what you mean! We think alike! And Kim, I got the nuggets from costco...not a hUGE fan of shaped nuggets but these were so so good!